California families are struggling. They can’t afford more brownouts. They can’t afford $10/gallon gas. They can’t afford to lose their jobs. Thousands of jobs.

California can’t afford Assembly Bill 1395.

Carbon Capture - The Bridge to Our Energy Future

“Both the heat-driven August 2020 electricity shortage in California, and the cold-driven February 2021 shortage in Texas, were caused in large part by over-reliance, not under-reliance, on weather-dependent renewables like solar panels and wind turbines.”


California-style politics favors extremist policies over workable solutions. Impractical and irresponsible legislation is risking a Texas-sized disaster by threatening energy and gas reliability for every California family.

Legislators are playing political football with energy and gas reliability, creating an issue where there is none. California already has the cleanest energy grid and the cleanest oil production in the nation.

If the irresponsible AB 1395 passes, instead of empowering carbon capture to safely remove up to 99% of CO2 emissions and maintain a reliable power grid and a thriving economy, the dangerous limits set in the bill will force the closure of power plants and refineries, manufacturing facilities and food production. This bill will make California completely dependent on other countries to meet its resident’s basic needs.


California is already addressing the climate crisis. We lead the nation in renewable power production. We have the cleanest energy grid in the United States. California experts are hard at work developing clean fuels, new green means of energy production and CCUS—carbon capture, use and storage.

There’s hope on the horizon through CCUS. We can stop future blackouts, job loss and high gas prices while cleaning the environment. Through CCUS, Californians can maintain their lifestyles and also be environmentally responsible.

CCUS is the bridge to a clean-energy future but AB 1395 will kill this important solution along with thousands of jobs across California.
We can’t meet this climate crisis with one hand tied behind our back, which is exactly what AB 1395 does.

Carbon capture technology

According to the U.S. Energy Department, carbon capture, utilization and storage, also referred to as carbon capture, utilization and sequestration, is a process that captures carbon dioxide emissions from sources like coal-fired power plants and refineries, and either reuses the carbon captured to produce goods or stores it so it will not enter the atmosphere. Carbon dioxide storage in geologic formations includes oil and gas reservoirs and deep saline reservoirs—structures that have stored crude oil, natural gas, brine and carbon dioxide over millions of years.

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Learn about the damage AB 1395 will cause, then write to your elected officials and urge them to put a stop to the bill.


Write your state legislator

Save jobs, the environment and the California way of life. Stop the harmful effects of AB 1395.

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  • Increased Gasoline Costs

    Eliminating production in California would increase the cost of gasoline and prices could soar to $10 or more per gallon.

  • 50,000 Lost Jobs

    Premature and rapid phaseout of California energy production would eliminate 50,000 jobs currently tied to oil and gas production.

  • CCUS cleans emissions

    CCUS would make refineries cleaner by eliminating 95-99% of Co2 emissions.

  • $1.5 billion in lost revenue

    The elimination of oil and gas production would cost California $1.5 billion in lost state and local revenues. That is nearly 1% of the state’s annual revenue.

  • Increased Foreign Dependency

    Rapid phase-out of energy production would make California almost 100% reliant on oil and gas shipped thousands of miles, increasing emissions.

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Save jobs, the environment and the California way of life.

Stop the harmful effects of AB 1395.


Carbon Capture - The Bridge to Our Energy Future